Monday, November 30, 2009

all of the dragons and their highest score

cletos-5th easist dragon
unstoppable-12th easit dragon
poisnus-17th easist dragon
grutos-23 easit dragon
venva'os-55 easit dragon
demorus-80th easit dragon

what is forthwording destinations?

forthwording destinations is a book seris written by is about two best friends trey and kenny they hae now gotten their selves in more trouble then they ever had.they have lost their magic powers but not telling their parents.somehow thier parents find out and they put them on the worst mission that they could dthey now have to battle all of the dragons through out ddragon blurs comic and they end up begining dead or killed injured or dead in the en.there are 6 whole books.all of the dragons are cleto's unstopable poisonus gruntos venva'os demorus.